• Total Membership : 1069
  • Last DFC Paid to member :Rs. 454500.00
  • Expired member : 17


Q : What is the benefit to the member ?

Ans : Benefits for IADVL members of DVL trust:

  • Social security to family members :

    Note : Financial benefits will start after one year of joining the scheme. Nominee will get Rs. 450 x N, where N = No. of members of DVL trust. In other words, when more IADVL members join this scheme, more fraternity benefit for members families.

  • Professional legal protection, when applicable, for those members opting for it :

    Legal help is extended in all types of cases like civil, criminal, labour & consumer redressal fora.

Q : How to join ?

Ans : Any life member of IADVL can join DVL Welfare Trust by following way.

  • Fill up the enrollment form and send it with necessary fees.
  • Download the form from website dvlwelfaretrust. Fill up and send with necessary fees.
  • Fill up the form and submit it.
  • Open website dvlwelfaretrust

    On right upper corner click on button ---application--- The form will open. Fillit up and submit. Once approve by the office, the payment link will be received in your email. Make payment. You will get computer generated receipt immediately.

  • Q : How to pay membership fees ?

    Ans : Now the member can pay the membership fees by multiple way.

    • By cheque / D.D. in favour of DVL Welfare Trust and send it to following address.

      DVL Welfare Trust.
      Shreeji Chambers,
      Behind Rajdhani Hotel,
      Brahmpuri, Dandia Bazar
      Vadodara, Gujarat, 390001.

    • Through Website : dvlwelfaretrust

      Click on online payment on right upper corner. It will take to SBI payment gateway. Accept the terms and conditions

      Select State -- All India

      Select type of organisation -- Cheritable

      From drop down menu select -- DVL Welfare Trust

      Fill up required fields.

      Make payment

    • System generated payment link will be received in email of member. Make payment and get receipt immediately.
    • Money transfer by NEFT / RTGS ( Not advised by us as some times it is difficult to trace the transaction ).
    • Ask for QR Code for payment by UPI.

    Q : What to pay ?

    Ans : Total Amount Payable at the time of admission :

    • Admission Fees (as per age-given below).
    • Annual Membership Fees Rs. 750. ( till 31-03-2025 ) Increment of Rs.50/- every 5 years.
    • Advance Fraternity Contribution (AFC) Rs.2500 (Rs Two thousand five hundred only) a minimum amount kept with DVL trust towards members future fraternity contributions. Optional amount to be payable at admission: Member can deposit additional amount of his choice as deposit for future annual contribution. The 4% interest will be credited on deposit amount. Details of one time Admission fees: The Admission Fees payable shall be based on age in years of the proposed member or their family member who likes to join the scheme, as follows :

      • Upto the age of 10 Years Rs. 1,000
      • 11 of 20 Years Rs. 1500
      • 21 of 30 Years Rs. 2000
      • 31 of 40 Years Rs. 3000
      • 41 of 50 Years Rs. 4000
      • 51 of 60 Years Rs. 5000
      • 61 of 70 Years Rs. 7000
      • above 70 Years Rs. 8000

    Q : Whom to contact in case of queries ?

    Ans : In case of any query, the member can contact :

    • The office on mobile no.
    • Chairman --- Dr. Chetan N. Patel --- 9426378078
    • Hon. Secretary --- Dr. Ajay Parikh --- 9898123092
    • Hon. Treasurer --- Dr. Kamaljit Singh --- 9825363003
    • 0265 2431085 ( between 12 to 2 pm. and 5 to 8 pm )

    Q : Who can join DVl Welfare Trust ?

    Ans : Any life member of IADVL, irrespective of age is eligible to become a Regular Member of the scheme. Family members of Life members of IADVL can also join the scheme as Beneficiary Members.

    Q : What is DVL Welfare Trust ?

    Ans : It is the Mutual Benefit scheme along with benefit of professional Indemnity coverage promoted by Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists & Leprologist.

    Team IADVL & DVL Welfare Trust request you to join.

    Q : What is Professional Indemnity Policy ?

    Ans : The word indemnity means security or protection against a financial liability. This policy is mean for professionals to cover any financial liability failing on them as a result of errors and omissions committed by them whilst rendering professional service to any client/patients, depending on the cover/limit taken by the professional.

    For life members of IADVL who volunteer to have professional legal cover, this option is available. However, they necessarily have to be members of DVL trust as well. Annual legal fee is based as per type of Dermatology practice:

    1. The Consultant with only office practice will have to pay Rs. 1000/- per year;
    2. The consultant with practice of cosmetic, laser & other Dermato surgical procedures will have to pay Rs. 3000/- per year; to cover these procedural events or litigations.

    The indemnity coverage will be Rs. 7,00,000 (Rupees seven lakhs) per case and Rs. 15,00,000 (Rupees Fifteen lakhs only) aggregate per year.

    Q : Why Indemnity policy for Doctors & Clinics/ Medical Centres ?

    Ans :

    • The numbers of legal cases accusing doctors/ medical centres for negligence are increasing.
    • With very high claims cases being filed by patients/ families against medical professionals, it is critical for medical professionals now to have an indemnity policy that protects the financially in case the Courts/ Consumer forums verdict goes against them.
    • It allows professionals to carry out their work with greater confidence and peace of mind as it not just protect the doctors but also the non medical staff.

    Q : Who can take Indemnity policy ?

    Ans : Any IADVL Member who is a member of DVL Welfare Trust can take Indemnity policy. He should be registered with any State Medical Council/ Medical Council of India.

    Medical Establishments / Clinics indemnity policy is being offered to the members who have taken the Indemnity policy offered by DVL Welfare Trust. This facility is being offered through Legal MD Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.