• Total Membership : 1069
  • Last DFC Paid to member :Rs. 454500.00
  • Expired member : 17

Eligibility of the members

Any life member of IADVL, irrespective of age is eligible to become a Regular Member of the scheme. Family members of Life members of IADVL can also join the scheme as Beneficiary Members. Please note that separate forms need to be filled for each member of a family.

Total Amount Payable at the time of admission

  • Admission Fees (as per age - given below).
  • Annual Membership Fees Rs. 750 ( For year 2022-2023 )
  • Advance Fraternity Contribution (AFC) Rs.2500 ( Rs. Two thousand and five hundred ) a minimum amount kept with DVL trust towards members future fraternity contributions.

Optional amount to be payable at admission

(A)   Member can deposit additional amount of his choice as deposit for future annual contribution. The 4% interest will be credited on deposit amount.

Details of one time Admission fees

The Admission Fees payable shall be based on age in years of the proposed member or their family member who likes to join the scheme, as follows :

No. Age Rate in Rs.
1 Up to the age of 10 Year 1,000
2 11 of 20 Years 1500
3 21 of 30 Years 2000
4 31 of 40 Years 3000
5 41 of 50 Years 4000
6 51 of 60 Years 5000
7 61 of 70 Years 7000
8 Above 70 Years 8000

Optional Legal fees for professional indemnity For life members of IADVL who volunteer to have professional legal cover, this option is available. However, they necessarily have to be members of DVL trust as well. Annual legal fee is based as per type of Dermatology practice: a) The Consultant with only office practice will have to pay Rs. 1000/- per year; (B) The Consultant with practice of Dermato Surgery, Cosmetic, Laser & other procedures will have to pay Rs. 3000/-per year.

The indemnity coverage will be Rs. 7,00,000 (Rupees seven lakhs) per case and Rs. 15,00,000 (Rupees Fifteen lakhs only) aggregate per year.

Member's annual contribution

  • Annual membership fee of Rs. 750/- ( with increment every 5 years.)
  • Fraternity contribution Rs. 500 x N, where N = No. of Death of members)

Plus, Optional professional indemnity annual legal fees, to be paid by those members who opt for professional indemnity.